Some Aussie bosses are refusing to hire locals, choosing instead to exploit foreign workers on temporary visas by paying them a pittance.

Unhappy foreign workers, who work on a small strawberry farm north of Queensland, have been posting warnings online "in the hope that there will be no new victims".

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The Transport Workers Union says its campaign to end the exploitation of foreign workers is paying off.

Alex Sampson, The Weekly Times, 11 July 2013

Changes to the 457 visa program will help secure the rights of overseas workers and help stamp out exploitation of illegal foreign workers on farms.

The new legislation will make employers accountable, with extra power given to the Fair Work Commission to investigate suspected illegal labour rings. 
"The new legislation puts the interests of working people and the vast majority of Aussie businesses who play by the rules ahead of those of unscrupulous employers who abuse the system for their own benefit," a TWU spokeswoman said.
"These changes are a welcome step forward that will benefit everyone who plays by the rules."

Filipino workers on 457 visas deep in debt, facing extortionate interest rates from agents.

Sydney Morning Herald, by Ben Schneiders, 29 Jun 2013 
They are the faces of debt bondage: Filipino workers brought to Australia on 457 visas and saddled with substantial debts attracting crippling interest rates.
Anthony Naupan was lumbered with a loan of $13,620 at an interest rate of 47.9 per cent to pay agents, financiers and middlemen just to come here.
The debt was nearly a third of his annual income affecting his ability to send remittances back to his family in the Philippines.
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