Neumann Calls for Fair Go over 457-Visa Issue

The Transport Workers’ Union has teamed up with Member for Blair Shayne Neumann MP in expressing disappointment over local transport company Nolan’s application to import cheap foreign drivers on 457 visas.

Big Rigs, 27 September 2013

TWU State Secretary Peter Biagini said the application to replace Australian jobs was made by the company after claims they couldn’t fill the positions.

"Nolan’s Transport are well known across Australia, yet instead of enticing drivers with rates of pay that match fellow interstate transport companies they are struggling because they pay so low," Mr Biagini said.

"Instead of paying reasonable wages and enticing quality local drivers with a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, they want to undercut the industry and fill their own pockets by seeking foreign workers willing to work on lower wages.

"That’s the issue we have with 457 visas is it too much to ask for the company to ask and reward local workers first?"

Shayne Neumann knows just how much the issue hits home, with families in his electorate deserving a fair go after being hit hard by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s cuts.

"It’s disappointing when you hear of local companies refusing to look after its workers or support the local community. I believe in protecting the rights of all Australian workers and I believe in a fair go.

"All companies, including local firms like Nolan’s Transport, need to respect their workers and reward their drivers appropriately. That way the whole community benefits."

Mr Biagini said Nolan’s application to fill 24 positions on 457 visas is not the only company looking to undercut the industry.

"Last year Hanson applied to fill over 500 positions on 457 visas, but backed down on using them after they were found out," Mr Biagini said.

"Will Nolan’s follow suit?"

Comment is being sought from Nolan’s Transport.

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