Firm Sends Visa Workers Home Hungary

A group of Hungarian workers brought to Australia on 457 work visas have allegedly been given airline ticket to fly home less than 48 hours after complaining about being underpaid.

Sunday Telegraph, by Linda Silmalis, 10 November 2013

The four workers are among 20 brought over from Hungary by international firm Assmont Steel Construction to work on a supermarket warehouse in Blacktown.

The workers approached the Construction Forestiy Mining and Energy Union on Thursday with concerns they were working 12 hours a day, six days a week yet being paid 30 per cent than an Australian worker.

But they claim their complaints about pay and conditions were yesterday met with airline tickets back home.

The CFMEU has demanded the government launch an investigation into the case, which again has questioned the integrity of the 457 scheme.

CFMEU assistant state secretary construction division Rebel Hanlon said the scheme was not supposed to remove Australian jobs by hiring lowpaid foreign workers.

Mr Hanlon, who met with the workers with a translator yesterday, said flights were booked in such haste they were not even flying back on the same plane.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison last month threatened employers who abused the 457 program that they would face disciplinary action.

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