Temporary Migrants with Working Rights

  • The 'Temporary Entrants and New Zealand citizens in Australia (as of 31 March 2013)' report issued by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has revealed that there are 1,368,070 temporary migrants in Australia with working rights;
  • Given the most recent labour force statistics show 11.6 million people in the workforce, the close to 1.4 million temporary visa holders eligible to work in Australia, make up 12% of our workforce.
  • The full report can viewed here.

Economic statistics in the Transport and Logistics Industry

  • During the next five years the industry is expected to grow by 73,000 to 870,000.
  • Transport and Logistics workforce growth is far exceeding the growth of the rest of the economy.
  • Totally training needs for Transport and Logistics over the next five years are 151,000 persons with relevant qualifications.
  • That presents 30,000 openings per year. But less than half of all needs will be met by new entrants.
  • Recent unemployment data (ABS August 2013) shows that 20,000 people in transport, postal and warehouse lost their employment and a further 8,300 left a job.
  • Recent underemployment data (ABS December 2013) shows that 43,100 people were looking for more work in the transport, postal and warehouse industry. 

457 visas in the Transport and Logistics Industry

  • We’ve seen a 21% increase in 457 visas granted in our industry [transport, postal and warehousing] compared with February last year.
  • As of February 2013 we have 1630 primary visa holders working in transport postal and warehousing industry.
  • ABS Labour Force (Air and Space Transport) figures show the number of persons working in the aviation industry, including flight attendants has fallen from 59,400 in November 2010 to 53,500 for the same period last year.
  • Qantas has cut 5000 jobs in the last 4 years, with 3300 announced in 2012. 

How does this affect Young Australian workers?

  • Growth in ‘onshore’ 457 visas means more 457 visas for younger foreign nationals – and more competition for young Australians.
  • Currently, around 250,000 young people leave school and enter the workforce each year. This is roughly the same number of Working Holiday Maker visas (WHM visas) issued in 2012-13.
  • The consequence is seriously high unemployment amongst locals aged 15-24 (14.5% for 15-19 year olds and 9.5% for 20-24 year olds).
  • In addition, there has been a persistent decline in the labour market participation rates of these cohorts since 2007 (59.4% in May 2007 to 54.1% in May 2013 for 15-19 year olds, and, from 81.3% to 78.1% over the same period for 20-24 year olds).

Exploitation of Visa holders

  • Despite the vast majority of Aussie businesses playing by the rules, there are some unscrupulous employers who are exploiting loopholes that currently exist in Australia’s skilled migration systems.
  • Read more about some of the most recent examples of visa workers in Australia being exploited by their employers on our News page.