Whether you have a 60,000-year family heritage in Australia or you arrived here last week - if you do Aussie work you deserve Aussie rights. 

Despite the vast majority of Aussie businesses playing by the rules, there are some unscrupulous employers who are exploiting loopholes in our temporary migration systems.

These bosses are engaging in a blatant attempt to undermine Australian labour conditions and evade their responsibility to train local workers by creating an underclass of underpaid and overworked foreign workers.  

Following a community campaign spearheaded by unions such as the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) the Federal Labor Government introduced some welcome reforms to our migration system.

These changes have started the process to patch the holes in our visa system and end the exploitation of many of over 1 million workers on visas - but the Coalition Government wants to rollback on these laws.

Recently, the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) and employer groups have lobbied the Government to open the floodgates to overseas truck drivers.

This is a ludicrous proposal that deliberately ignores the root causes of the crisis in the trucking industry. What they really want is to drive down wages and rates in the industry further and bring in drivers with even less ability to say no to the impossible demands and deadlines by the likes of Coles.

It’s also happening in our aviation industry. Qantas can now hire flight attendants from overseas, despite the training requirement being relatively short. Employers are shirking on there responsibility to skill and re-skill our local workforce.

Our industry is under attack! What next? Overseas workers to be baggage handlers and airline ground crew?

This despite figures showing more than 20,000 jobs have been lost in the transport and logistics industry and another 43,000 workers wanting more work.

With approximately 11% of the Australian workforce holding some form of temporary working visa, we should be tackling our skills forecasting issue head on - investing in job training and calling out the Aussie companies that won’t give Aussie workers a fair chance.

Over 70 MPs and Senators from across the political spectrum have already committed to the campaign but we need your support

Since the Coalition was elected they have been quick to undo many of the protections passed by the Labor government.

Sign up to the Aussie Work Aussie Rights campaign here and spread the message to your friends.