Aussie Work, Aussie Rights - Take Action

Australians expect employers to find local workers before they advertise overseas.

Laws passed under the previous Labor Government requires employers to genuinely seek out staff at home before going overseas but the Coalition Government is watering down those laws.

Now our industry is under attack!

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) is lobbying the Government to open the floodgates to overseas truck drivers. 

We need to build local skills for the future and overseas labour is a short-term solution to a long-terms problem.

Send your message to the Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton telling him that if he supports Aussie workers and Aussie rights he must: 

  1. Ignore the ATA request for overseas truck drivers on 457 into Australia;
  2. Independent review of the 642 occupations overseas workers are allowed into Australia to determine what jobs are actually experiencing genuine shortages;
  3. Publish a list of all employers who have engaged temporary visa holders and employers who have obtained a labour agreement; and
  4. Support calls for increasing Federal funding for vocational education and training.